Wednesday, 25 March 2009

0058: Carpenter's Eyes


  1. Eyes of Laura Mars

    I orginally thought it might have been an Iron Man teaser poster.

  2. I'm a dumb@$$

    Eyes of Laura Mars

  3. Eyes of Laura Mars I mean. Sorry, quick draw.

  4. @ Axton - sorry late clue, things have been a bit hectic with the shop launch and everything.

    So... B-B-B-B-Bing! in 1hr 18min.

    Those who said 'Eyes' were technically correct - Carpenter's spec script was just titled 'Eyes'.

    Surely someone will do a remake of this soon.

    Eyes school musical.
    Miley Cyrus as a talented young photography student who has visions of her friends being brutally murdered - to music - can she can sing her way to finding the killer before he kills her??

    Greenlight it.

  5. Both feature eyes prominently on the poster, and both star Tommy Lee Jones. I mean, its practically the same movie.

  6. I agree, its about time small children were exposed to the darker side of high school based musicals.