Sunday, 22 February 2009

What does the winner get?

People have been guessing the blanks for a while now using the comments section so I thought I'd reward regular respondents with a prize. As you can see I've fudged the tags section to be a sort of scoreboard. 

The idea is simple; guess correctly get a 'bing' guess wrong get a 'buzzz'.

For every correct answer you will receive a point. Winners will (potentially) be announced every three or four months. As you can see things get vague here but bear with it...

Prizes will probably be something along the lines of a very limited screenprint of a poster (potentially a one off edition or variation - or something of an equally excitingly limited nature) whatever it is - it will be cool.

If I haven't gone mad from poster blanking by the end of the year there will be a super-duper prize for the overall winner.

There we go. Enjoy. And get guessing!

Oh, just one more thing. 

In the SCORES (tags) you can see one called --- CLICK TO SOLVE --- as the name suggests if you click this you'll see all the unsolved ones. I need the name of the film or an imdb link if you want others to keep guessing.

There will be some tough ones on the way.

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