Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Haven't you heard? Last night... six of 'em.

The posters have been sitting here waiting for their holograms for a week now - so I thought I'd take some pictures of them to let everyone have look.

They are as follows:
Eat a Rocking Chair (Limited Edition of 50)
Bruce (Super-limited Edition of 10)

Lousy Bicycles (Limited Edition of 50)
Bolivia (Super-limited Edition of 10)

Milk-Plus (Limited Edition of 50)
Droog (Super-limited Edition of 10)

Have look and click 'em for exciting detailed views.

Holograms should arrive on Tuesday which means the store will be open for business on Wednesday. I'll again update before then. Enjoy!

Eat a Rocking Chair

Lousy Bicycles




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