Friday, 6 March 2009

Here's my card.

Printing update - the first series of posters have officially begun the printing process. The original colours will be a limited edition of 50, the xtra series (my alternate colourway) will be a super-limited edition of 10 only. All will be individually signed and numbered by my good self.

I hope to have them completed within the next two weeks and to have the store online by the end of the month.

But to give you something printy to look at in the meantime here are the authentication cards.

"What are the authentication cards?" you may ask.

Well they are little mini CMYK versions of the poster that come with each order and act as a little thank you. Each comes in a neat little envelope and is numbered and signed.

And finally you may notice there is a big white gap between the logo and the 'Thank you' - well, even as you read this, somewhere in a secret underground bunker there are some FILM THE BLANKS authentication hologram stickers being created by special robots. With lasers.

That's right I said holograms. And robots. With lasers.

When they arrive they will be placed on each card and matching ones will be placed on the reverse of each poster. Then placed in the envelope. Then placed in a tube with the print and sent to you. If you buy one, of course.

Also just a quick note on the colours here.

The browny colour will actually be metallic gold on the prints themselves. Also the pink and orange that features in "Lousy Bicycles" and "Milk-plus XA" are fluorescent inks. In addition the xtra versions of "Lousy Bicycles" and "Milk-plus" are printed on coloured stock - Pistachio (very pale green) and Smoke (slate grey).


  1. Yay!! I love this site, can't wait to purchase a print :D

  2. This look pretty darn great. Hopefully I'll be able to order the "Milk-plus XA" before it runs out.

  3. They do look extremely pretty and shiny. Being a magpie Im getting excited by the holograms...

  4. You've got mail