Monday, 9 March 2009

Make it bigger and stronger than ever!

Given enough time, a hypothetical chimpanzee typing at random would, as part of its output, almost surely produce one of Shakespeare's plays.

Well readers, I may have only had a weekend and I may not know anything about html but by God I am that chimp!

And what I have produced is enough to make a certain so-called playwrite sob into his ruff with jealousy and rage - behold... I give you...

A new sun is rising on the high-rez horizon and the name of this wonderous fiery ball is BIG-A-VISION. SEE coloured blocks as you've never seen them before, LOOK at the blanks even more closelyer than previously possible and then BLINK away the tears of humble disbelief at the sheer power and awesome majesty that is BIG-A-VISION.

So how does it work? Is it game? How do you do it? How do you know when it's done?

Sounds complicated, right?

Wrong! There's nothing to it - why, you probably know how to do it already - just click the poster you want see bigger and SHAZAM! it pops up bigger in a whole new window... you can even zoom into it - imagine that! Or maybe just grab it for your collection. When you're done just close-up the window and keep on browsing.

I know. It's incredible. But wait... there's more... I've also increased the size of all the regular posters so you can see them a bit better even before you make the the leap to BIG-A-VISION.

Hope that helps AXTON :)

Now quite apart from doing that I also popped out today and took a few pictures for the product views for the upcoming shop. So while you're here I thought I'd give you a quick preview on how one of them is looking.

Why not try what you've just learnt and click the pic? Go on you know you want to...


  1. Haha, yes it helps. Thanks! Now I'm just hoping the poster I buy will look as good on my boring wall as it does in front of that awesome landscape.

  2. I don't get why you're not holding the poster in the promo image - it just DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE. Please can you fix this before uploading any other images, whatever size they are.

  3. I know... it's like I can see a poster sort of thing but somehow it isn't clear. I just can't seem to focus on it.

    What it really needs is someone actually holding the poster.

    You know... someonewith an asymmetrical haircut, wearing something neon, a checked shirt and skinny jeans. Standing in a white room on a pale wooden floor. Or just a girls legs in pvc leggings.

    Maybe we could get like a fixed wheel bike in the background - and get the poster holder to wear a storm trooper helmet.

    Then and only then - when it is framed in an myriad of FFFOUNDisms can anyone focus on the poster. As it is you're right - I just see a swirl of colours and indistinct shapes. Like some kind of un-hip visual-soup.

    In fact forget the poster... just hold up a piece of paper with some tightly kerned helvetica on it.

  4. mmmmm... helvetica. I say go for it.

  5. "A clockwork orange" by Stanley Kubrick

  6. That's the poster shown in the shot but it's not the answer to this particular post's clue.

    Clockwork Orange's clue was 'Milk-Plus' - it was number 0018.

    Even the News posts have clues.

  7. At this point i am bored and completely stumped so i'm just googling random keywords and seeing what films come up. The best one i could find for this was "Pale Rider," so i will go ahead and guess that.

  8. The titles are always the clues / quotes