Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I never expected all this hoopla

First I'd just like to say a quick thank you to anyone who is reading this.

I really started of doing all this after being made extremely miserable and seriously ill by the various stresses and strains of my work and my life in London. My doctor told me to take some time off and do nothing for a while.

When I'd had enough of doing nothing she suggested that I do something creative, something that I could do a bit at a time and that I would be in charge of.

So feeling on a real low I started doing something for myself.

In just over a month I've had almost 10,000 people looking at the site, people getting rather excited about the prints, gallery owners contacting me and even a french design magazine asking me if they can feature my work.

So I'd like to say thanks.

Because although I started just doing this by myself to make myself feel a bit better - everyone of you ended up helping and to be honest I feel like I've had more fun and motivation and rewarding feedback in the last month working alone in my armchair than I have had in the last ten years designing for other people at a desk.

So thanks. I hope you keep enjoying what I do - I want to keep doing it. And there's plenty of other ideas I never had time to do so who knows... maybe I'll do those as well.

But for now - I realise that people are feeling a bit locked out of the guessing game because of the first come first served system. This problem is exacerbated somewhat by the fact that I now have more than my original four readers.

So I will invoke 'Axton's rules' moving forward.

Basically from now on I will accept the first five correct guesses. The comments will be hidden till 5 answers are in - but don't worry I am reading them. If five start going really fast then I'll make it ten.

This takes effect now - but not for previously answered posts.

Hope this helps for people feeling left out.

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  1. I really enjoy your work, and you definitely deserve any and all recognition you get for it. Also, I'm honored to have rules named after me. :)